About Us

Welcome to Chiisha.com a concept developed by Alpha Group Of Companies to organise the Lifestyle Vertical to provide the community with a new definition of Comfort & user-friendly experience with variations of brands that are followed and adapted globally.

We have our own range of products for day-to-day survival as well as home decors.



"chiisha.com" that's our brand vein to push the limits. In order to meet day-to- day challenges. The name presents our powerful, effective, and high-quality product range that represents your image class Apart



"chisha.com" is home to a multitude of leading Global brands for apparel, fragrances, accessories, cosmetics, footwear, home décor, and furnishings catering to the needs of the entire family.

We aspire to provide our customers with a memorable shopping experience.





Hard work requires a great deal of effort into any work, either physically, mentally, or emotionally & this is what we do.


Our team highly supports upstanding character traits and work ethics including sound judgement, honesty, dependability, and loyalty.



Digital marketing consultants, namely creating digital marketing strategies for various businesses.


How We Are Different From Other E-Commerce


Feminine side

Unlike others, we're very proud to flex our feminine side as we are aware that 67% of E com market is dominated by women they are very strong to hold the category as a

buyer as well as they play a very vital role in decision making